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Welcome to our Servicing & Routine Maintenance Page

All our servicing is carried out to the highest quality, keeping your vehicle maintained regularly and correctly will ensure a long service life and an enjoyable motoring experience
Browse the servicing options below, feel free to contact us if you require any further information.

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Oil for the Car


Tailored to your vehicle specific requirements, We can ensure the correct service is carried out at the correct interval thus meaning all manufacture warranty requirements are met. We only use Genuine VAG Group parts to maintain quality and reliability.
Contact us today with your vehicle details and mileage and we can make sure you are getting the right service.



The brakes on your vehicle are often hidden by the wheels and are not always easy to check, every time we service a vehicle, if the brakes are not easy to see we will remove the wheels and carry out a brake inspection. This essential process in the service regime often isn't included in the very time restricted workshop of a main dealership. We here at Dan Turner Automotive guarantee dealership quality and higher when taking care of your vehicle.


Cam Belt Replacement

Cam Belts are vital engine components as they connect the bottom end of the engine to the top, These Cam Belts have a service life and must be replaced at certain intervals (varies dependent on make/model). If the belt isn't maintained it can break and inevitably cause catastrophic engine damage resulting in a possible repair costing thousands. In true Dan Turner Automotive form we only use Genuine VAG parts so you can rest assure that only the highest quality repair is carried out.
If your unsure of your Cam Belt replacement interval, drop us a message and we can check for you.

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